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Customization of design

  1. Light duty or heavy duty shutter with few roll of see thru at eye level
    • This is to provide the visibility for the client to know who is the visitor while still remain certain degree of privacy while looking for far away
  2. Roller Grille with light duty & heavy duty shutters
    • This combination of the design allow the maximize airflow for your property, best suit for production area
  3. Transparent with light duty & heavy duty shutters
    • This combination allows the user to decide how much visibility is needed for their property, best used in commercial area to provide advertising for its showroom & show units
  4. Ventilation holes for each type of product
    • With the ventilation holes provided, the user would have a greater ventilation to their property, it suite in every kind of scenario

General application

All the below given is a mere guide for your reference and open to various kind of design to suit your needs and requirement.
Each product come with option of electrical or manual operated and compatible with others accessories.

  1. Shop lot
    • Light duty Roller shutter, See thru roller shutter
  2. Commercial outlet
    • Various design to customize your need
  3. Warehouse & factory
    • Heavy Duty Roller shutter, fire rated roller shutters
  4. Residential protection
    • See thru roller shutters, transparent shutter
  5. Transportation vehicle
    • Aluminium Light Duty Roller shutter

General guidance during power failure

  1. Check the socket, and make sure the supply from the Distribution Board is available
  2. Remove the socket from the power supply
  3. Check the 3 pin plug has a functioning fuse
  4. Make sure no obstruction directly under the shutter and keep clear in the surrounding
  5. For emergency usage, remove the motor casing & unload the chain from the pocket ( picture attached)
  6. Move clock wise to lower the curtain, while anti c.w for reverse direction for emergency operation
  7. Contact your roller shutters contractor for thorough check up and repairs

Comparison of common closure system

Closure System Pros Cons
Timber Door
  • Smooth operation with multiple design
  • Limited maintenance needed
  • Limited opening and sizes
Glass Door
  • Transparency and provide energy saving on electric consumption
  • Limited maintenance needed
  • More vulnerable to break in
  • Limited sizes
Collapsible Gates
  • Strong Security & offer good protection
  • Manual operation only
  • Shorten clear width of the opening space
  • Repetitive design
Metal Foldaway Door
  • Strong security & offer good protection
  • Come with both electrical & manual operation
  • The slender door panel will reduce the clear height of the opening space
  • Repetitive design
Roller Shutters
  • Strong security & offer good protection
  • Come with both electrical & manual operation
  • Customizing sizes
  • Maximize clear opening
  • Regular maintenance is required for smoother operation

What is roller shutter?

“A roller shutter, roller door is a type of door consisting of many horizontal slats (or sometimes bars or web systems) hinged together. The door is raised to open it and lowered to close it. On large doors, the action may be motorized. It provides protection against wind and rain. It is used in commonly to protects the door and window from vandalism and burglary attempts.”